Delivery & Payment Information

Payment Methods

1. Payment upon receipt of the order at your place (cash on delivery).

Pay your order with your delivery, at your place. The delivery method has an extra cost of € 4.00.

Please note that in accordance with the applicable tax provisions, documents with a value of more than € 1,500 for individuals (Retail Demonstration) and documents worth more than € 500 for professionals / businesses (Sales Invoice) may only be paid with the following ways:

Deposit / transfer to a bank account,

Charge on credit or debit card.

2. Payment via bank deposit

You can pay your order by depositing one of the following accounts:

Eurobank: GR2402604340000160200114388

Piraeus: GR8101722840005284053048486

Beneficiary: ALFA TRADE OE

As a reason, please note the name of the order and send us the copy of the bank payment by mail to

Your order will be sent when the money is transferred to one of our bank accounts.